For over 30 years, the South Caucasus has been torn apart by conflict. While decision makers meet and discuss solutions, the voices of those who are directly affected by the conflicts are not heard: displaced persons, borderline populations, and organizations.

Social researchers represent a group that could become the bridge between these people and the decision makers by doing what they do best: social research. They can shed light on various aspects of the conflict dynamics, survey public perception, present policy recommendations, and more.

Some researchers from Armenia and Azerbaijan are trying to do this. However, as a group of individuals, they are usually challenged by the mainstream narrative which falls under the umbrella of political realism and leaves no space for seeking alternative and more peaceful resolution or transformation of the conflict. As a direct or indirect result, researchers are silenced by the structure framed as ‘national security.’

In this multimedia story, we interviewed researchers from both societies who are engaged in social research on topics related to the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict. Their experience and the challenges they face are best understood when hearing from them directly. You, as a reader, are able to virtually get in touch with them and “ask” the ready-made questions.

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17 May 2019

Very interesting topic! Really enjoyed the multimedia component of the product :)