This is a conversation with four people involved in peacebuilding in Armenia. The conversations touch upon topics such as peace in Armenia and the broader region, the definition of peace, the personal stories that led them into peacebuilding, and the challenges peacebuilders face.

Asya Khachatryan, an activist known to many both in Armenia and Azerbaijan (especially to younger generations) as the girl with blue hair, who raised issues that sparkled public debates and discussions in both countries.

Edgar Khachatryan, the president of “Peace Dialogue” NGO… that does peacebuilding work in Armenia and beyond, helps young conscripts, uncovers corruption in the military sector and much more, the organization is located in the town of Vanadzor.

Milena Abrahamyan, a feminist justice and peace activist who has founded a feminist trust and solidarity building initiative between Turkish, Armenian and Kurdish women called “Beyond Borders: Linking Our Stories”.

Lara Aharonyan, the president of Women’s Resource Center in Armenia…, which is a feminist human rights organization founded in 2003, WRC is one of the leading NGOs in Armenia that tackles women’s issues and empowers women in different ways.


*The feature photo is taken by Alejandro Zarate. It depicts a graffiti from Yerevan streets; it is written “Make dolma, not war”. Dolma is a tradition dish common in the South Caucasus, and was a source of arguments between Armenians and Azerbaijani on its origins.

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