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Abkhazia – January 2016


The year in Abkhazia kicked off with extreme phenomena of meteorological and political character. On the night of January 1, a week-long snow storm hit Abkhazia creating serious communication problems. The weather experts compared the abnormally low temperatures to similar events of 100 years ago that are known as the “big snow”.

However, the meteorological “surprise” was not the only one. The new year’s first legal regulation was the prime minister’s order announcing that Abkhazia joins Russia in sanctions against Turkey – a decision explicitly disadvantaging Abkhazia economically. It went altogether unnoticed in Turkey who has not recognized Abkhazia, and only informal economic ties have existed between the two republics. Experts say the economic turnover between Abkhazia and Turkey in 2015 was around 2 million rubles. Adherence to Russian sanctions against Turkey implies not only economic losses for Abkhazia; it also levels relations with the large Abkhaz dia . . . Read More

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Ethnic Groups and Conflicts in the South Caucasus and Turkey


By Ilgam Abbasov, Hulya Delihuseyinoglu, Mariam Pipia, Sergey Rumyansev, Emil Sanamyan

Table of Contents


Ethnic Groups and Conflicts in Armenia

Ethnic Groups and Conflicts in Georgia

Ethnic Groups and Conflicts in Azerbaijan

Ethnic Groups and Conflicts in Turkey





For the South Caucasus republics and Turkey, the past century was a period of nation building and the creation of modern states, the national republics. For Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia, and Turkey the age of extremes was both shorter and longer of Hobsbawm’s short 20th century (Hobsbawm, The Age of Extremes: A History . . . Read More

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