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Conflict and the Politics of Commemoration in the Azerbaijani Diaspora


In the 1990s, the first decade of the 21st century, ethnic Azerbaijanis living in France, England, Germany, or any other EU country started to organize themselves into a united ethno-national community – diaspora – with political, ideological and also financial support from the political leadership of the Azerbaijani Republic (i.e. nation state, which, then becomes an national homeland for all the ethnic Azerbaijanis, living outside it). A major component of the process of diaspora construction was the creation of a large number of diaspora organizations by ethnic Azerbaijani activists in the CIS, the EU and the USA.

In the context of this policy, special importance is attached to “the Azerbaijani Diasporas” in those countries, which, in the opinion of the authorities in Azerbaijan, play a leading role in the world political arena. Among the EU countries, particular significance is attached to building a diaspora in France, where according to offici . . . Read More

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Gugark after Sumgait


What happened to Azerbaijanis in Gugark (the region of Lori in the north of Armenia) after the Sumgait events is something that nobody in Armenia wants to remember or talk about. Any information related to the Gugark events is available only in the Azerbaijani sources.

March 1988: there were many Armenians who came to Armenia from Azerbaijan, especially from Sumgait. The witnesses say that most of them didn’t have anything, not even primary shelter. An atmosphere of fear reigned on both sides. The Armenians as well as the local Azerbaijanis in Gugark were afraid of an attack from the other side.

“Fear captivated both Azerbaijanis and Armenians. The Armenian villagers were particularly concerned that the Azerbaijanis would poison the tap water,” the then director of the Vahagni collective farm Stephan Ayvazyan recalls. In 1989, Ayvazyan was a chairperson of the Gugark Regional Agricultural Association.

Arthur Sakunts, an activist and former member of th . . . Read More

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