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The most popular articles of 2016


The Role of Global and Regional Actors in the South Caucasus

By Orhan Gafarlı, Arevik Anapiosyan, Mehmet Fatih Öztarsu, Khatuna Chapichadze

Ethnic Groups and Conflicts in the South Caucasus and Turkey

By Ilgam Abbasov, Hulya Delihuseyinoglu, Mariam Pipia, Sergey Rumyansev, Emil Sanamyan

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The Experience of Federalization of the South Caucasus States: The Past and the Present


By Ali Abasov, Zhanna Krikorova

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Various international organizations and the “big” powers often propose to draw on the experience of federalization to help end the conflicts lingering in some post-Soviet countries for over a quarter century now. Several questions arise when considering the option of federalization. Is it a political panacea that can ensure security and protection of rights for ethnic groups (so called minorities)? Or is it a leverage of pressure for the “big” powers, which have nati . . . Read More

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