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History Education in Schools in Turkey and Armenia. A Critique and Alternatives


Authors: Alişan Akpınar, Sos Avetisyan, Hayk Balasanyan, Fırat Güllü, Işıl Kandolu, Maria Karapetyan, Nvard V. Manasian, Lilit Mkrtchyan, Elif Aköz Özkaya, Hasan Tahsin Özkaya, Garine Palandjian, Ararat Şekeryan, Ömer Turan

Editors: Bülent Bilmez, Kenan Çayır, Özlem Çaykent, Philip Gamaghelyan, Maria Karapetyan, Pınar Saya

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Preface to This Publication

Analyzing a country’s history education model can give profound insights into a society’s prevailing attitudes towards and perceptions of diversity, justice, peace, and democracy. In conflict and pos . . . Read More

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Blank Spots on the Holocaust Map Attitudes toward the Jewish past are changing in Ukraine and Russia, but old ways of thought cling on.


Tatiana Kozak (Ukraine) and Yulia Korchagina (Russia)  

The article was prepared within the project “Creating a space for dialogue: Mass media and peaceful conflict transformation in the post-Soviet space.” The project was supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Germany and carried out by the Center for Independent Social Research (CISR) in Berlin, in cooperation with CISR St. Petersburg, the Ukrainian Catholic University in Lviv, and the Imagine Center for Conflict Transformation (South Caucasus).Read More

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