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Transcending Borders: Transnational Approaches to Conflict Resolution


By Victor Voronkov, Philip Gamaghelyan, Sevil Huseynova, Zhanna Krikorova

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The idea of federalization of the South Caucasus today seems purely utopic. The level of trust among political regimes is almost zero. The memory of recent wars is still alive, and a new war in Nagorno Karabakh seems increasingly inevitable. It would be very naive to expect any, even the weakest, form of unification within a confederation framework similar to the European Union (EU). Each country looks at the neighbors with suspicion, if not outright hostility. Most borders are either difficult to cross or firmly sealed.

However, these statements are true compared to the ideal models of relations among states at the macro level. In real life, everything is much more complex and simple at the same time. Thinking about the so called geopolitics, the focus usually tends to be on “state interest” leaving out individual interests of the citizens of these countries and the civil society in general. Meanwhile, history knows many examples of how civic initiatives have changed the meaning of borders in people’s lives. Following the citizens’ change of perception of the neighbors on the other side of the border, the governments have set new rules of communication with the neighboring countries. This is, for example, how the EU was created and developed.

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Under The Rainbow Flags: LGBTI Rights in The South Caucasus


By Nona Shahnazaryan, Aygun Aslanova, Edita Badasyan

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The paper, written between April and June 2016, covers the challenging question of the rights of the LGBTI community in the South Caucasus on the background of standards adopted pursuant to cooperation with EU institutions. The paper looks at how in Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Georgia the brief period of relative freedom in the 1990s is gradually overtaken by the rise of nationalist and conservative ideologies and resulting in the violation of basic rights including for those for safety or access to public spaces.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


The fog over the terminology maze

Is this topic far-fetched?

“The dreamy formula” of the society?


History of the LGBTI and discriminatory practices

Gender and the law: Legislative battles

Gender and politics: Is sexual orientation (geo)political: Eurasian family?

The LGBTI and the NGOs: Development of a neutral/positive discourse

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