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Digest of Armenian Media for Nov 1-13, 2010


Armenian Military ‘Committed’ To POW Swap Agreement [Eng]
The article focuses on a statement by Armenia’s Defense Ministry, which says that Armenia is committed to the agreement reached with Azerbaijan regarding the exchange of prisoners or war and the bodies of people killed as a result of the conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh.

“The Armenian side is committed to the agreement reached by the presidents and will do everything depending on it to see this agreement implemented” Armenia’s Defense Ministry Spokesman David Karapetyan told the source.

Karabakh’s Government Has Renamed Aghdam Into Akna And Made It Part of Askeran District [Eng]

The article is about a decision by Karabakh authorities to rename Aghdam region as Akna and make it as one of Askeran town’s districts.

“In so far as no status has been given to Aghdam yet, it will be called Akna destrict and will be included in Askeran’s city community,” Head of the Department of Karabakh’s Territorial Administration Sergei Nasibyan is quoted as saying.

Ankara Hails Astrakhan Agreement [Eng]

The article makes reference to a statement by Turkish Foreign Ministry that welcomes the agreements reached by Armenian and Azerbaijani Presidents Serzh Sargsyan and Ilham Aliyev at a meeting in Astrakhan hosted by their Russian counterpart Dmitry Medvedev on October 27.

“Turkey hopes that the Astrakhan Summit will make positive contributions to the solution process by adding momentum to the efforts to resolve the Nagorno-Karabakh dispute. We also wish that steps to be taken on humanitarian issues will be supported with concrete initiatives. Turkey is determined to fully support initiatives that will serve creation of a ground for compromise between the parties,” read the statement.

Roadmap In Astana? Armenian MP Considers Such Possibility Real [Eng]

This news item focuses on a statement by Head of Armenian Revolutionary Federation (Dashanktsutyun, ARF-D) parliamentary faction Vahan Hovhannisyan, who says no serious developments are expected over the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict in the upcoming summit in Astana, Kazakhstan.

“We don’t see progress in the political resolution of the conflict yet … Experience shows that a roadmap in our country may be adopted overnight without the knowledge of the people and political forces” he told a news conference Monday.

Aliyev Attempts To Mislead International Community [Eng]

This article makes a reference to Republican Party of Armenia member Artak Zakaryan who says that Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev tries to mislead the international community.

“The international community which Aliyev tries to mislead should know that historical and present facts of Nagorno Karabakh belongings have nothing in common with the lesson Aliyev has learnt. To make sure one should visit Nagorno Karabakh and not listen to Aliyev,” he told a press conference.


International Community Seeks Karabakh’s Resolution Through “Lands In Return For Temporary Status” Formula [Eng]

This new item refers to a statement by leader of Nor Zhamanakner (New Times) political party Aram Karapetyan, according to whom, the international community seeks the resolution of Karabakh issue through return of lands.

“Despite the existing controversies, the international community, in my opinion, wishes to achieve NKR conflict resolution and the opening of the Armenian-Turkish border by proposing [the plan] Zurich-2. They seek to resolve the problem through “lands in return for temporary status” formula,” he told a news conference.

HHK Will Accept Even A ‘Path-Map’ Only If Azerbaijan …[Eng]

This news item refers to a statement by Republican Party of Armenia (HHK) parliamentary faction leader Galust Sahakyan, who said “Armenia will not agree to any roadmap for resolving the Nagorno Karabakh conflict unless the status of that country has been determined,” and that any roadmap is possible, if Azerbaijan declares that Karabakh will not make part of it.

“Any roadmap is possible, should Azerbaijan declare NKR cannot form part of Azerbaijan. In that case, we’ll agree even to a path- map,” he told a press conference.

Bako Sahakyan Highlights Importance Of Diasporan Armenians’ Visits To Karabakh [Eng]

This news item is about a meeting held by the President of unrecognized Republic of Nagorno Karabakh Bako Sahakyan with Harout Chitilyan, member of the Montreal City council (Canada), and head of the governmental relations office under the Canadian diocese of the Armenian Apostolic Church Hakob Arslanyan.

Mr. Sahakyan noted the importance of their visit to Artsakh, emphasizing that it would contribute to closer introduction to the Motherland, as well as establishing mutual ties and.

Leaving The Issue Of Status To Future [Arm]

This news article refers to an opinion expressed by Nor Zhamanakner (New Times) political party Aram Karapetyan, who says that the issue of Nagorno Karabakh’s status is being left to the future.

In his opinion Armenia and Azerbaijani presidents will have to sign a document during the meeting in Astana, something like a “roadmap.” But Armenia’s president, according to him, will not sign it. Instead, there will be another document that will be less clear, will not have a concrete timetable and will simply show that the parties are willing to solve the conflict.

New Times Leader Is Against Karabakh’s Recognition [Arm]

The article is about a statement by Nor Zhamanakner (New Times) political party Aram Karapetyan, who says that recognition of Karabakh’s independence by Armenia is not convenient at this moment: instead it should have been recognized earlier.

“Because recognition of Karabakh [‘s independence], if no other countries will recognize it afterwards – and the geopolitical conjuncture is such that no one will recognize it – then I can conclude that it will bring direct destabilization in the region,” said Aram Karapetyan at a press conference.

What Will Happen To Captives? [Arm]

The article raises the issue whether the agreement over exchange of prisoners of wars and repatriation of corpses reached between Armenian and Azerbaijani presidents in Astrakhan, Russia, will be implemented. The Armenian side thinks that it would be disproportional to change the bodies on an “all for all” basis, especially when it comes to the remains of the dead.

The article also cites Hrach Arzumanyan, an expert on Karabakh’s security issues, who says that Azerbaijan wants to have the body of Mubariz Ibrahimov, declared a hero in Azerbaijan. But Armenians should bear in mind that according to international norms the bodies of “terrorists and diversionists” are not repatriated.

Protest Against Azerbaijani Film Festival In Armenia Didn’t Take Place [Eng]

This article is about an announced protest against screenings of Azerbaijani films in Yerevan, which did not take place. According to the article, an Armenian-initiated Facebook group called “Against Azerbaijani Films,” had announced that it will protest against those screenings in front of Mediakentron (Media centre), the venue the screenings were planned to take place.

The screenings were planned at 3:30 p.m. on November 2, but only three youth had come to that place at that hour.


Russia Hints At Holding The Key to Karabakh Conflict Resolution: Ex-Foreign Minister [Eng]

In this article former Armenian Foreign Minister Alexander Arzumanyan hails Zharangutyun (Heritage) Party’s recent initiative to introduce a draft law on Karabakh recognition to parliament and adds that Russia hints at having the key to Karabakh conflict resolution.

“Russia may prolong the agreement on deploying military base whenever it wishes so,” he said, adding at the same time that the country currently plays a major role on the international arena, “hinting that it holds the key to the resolution of Karabakh conflict.”
Arkady Ter-Tadevosyan: Minsk Group Gave Azerbaijan Green Light, However… [Eng]

This news item draws attention to a statement by Major-General Arkady Ter-Tadevosyan (nicknamed as Commandos) who says the OSCE Minsk Group has given what he called “green light” to Azerbaijan.

“Minsk group seems to have given the green light to Azerbaijan but they [Azerbaijanis] will never resume the war as they are perfectly aware of Armenians’ patriotism and their readiness to die for their homeland. Azerbaijan will not resume the war as it is aware we are a strong nation and have a strong army,” he said.

Astrakhan Declaration Serious Victory For Azerbaijan: Opposition Opinion [Eng]

The article refers to a statement by representative of opposition Armenian National Congress (HAK) Davit Shahnazaryan who says that the declaration adopted in Astrakhan, Russia, by Armenian Azerbaijani presidents is a “serious achievement for Azerbaijan, more serious than any other document signed till now and more serious that the Nagorno-Karabakh resolution that Azerbaijan put forth in the UN.

“The whole essence of the conflict, since 1998, has begun to be flawed, and with this document, this phase has been completed, and a new difficult stage begins,” said Shahnazaryan.

At Some Point Karabakh Will Join [Arm]

This news article cites US Ambassador to Armenia Marie Yovanovich’s interview to in which she expresses a conviction that at some point Karabakh will be included in the peace talks but that should be agreed upon with Azerbaijan.

“I think that there’s general recognition that a just and lasting solution to the conflict is not going to be possible without input from the NK folks. So I think that at some point they will be brought into the process, but that’s going to have to be something that all the parties agree to, including Azerbaijan.” she said.

Armenia To Repatriate Azerbaijani Citizen [Arm]

This news item is about the rendition of an Azerbaijani citizen who illegally crossed the Armenia border on October 27, 2010. Further it says that the rendition will take place On November 4 in pursuance of the agreement signed between Armenian and Azerbaijani Presidents in Astrakhan, Russia, at the end of October.


Astrakhan Declaration Is ‘Dangerous’ For Nagorno Karabakh [Arm]

This article makes a reference to a statement by representative of opposition Armenian National Congress (HAK) David Shahnazaryan, who finds that despite its humanitarian nature, the declaration adopted by Armenian and Azerbaijani presidents in Astrakhan, Russia, poses legal threat to Nagorno Karabakh.

“A documents has been signed at the presidential level with which Armenia has admitted that it has been and continues to remain in war with Azerbaijan,” Mr. Shahnazaryan said, adding that the document rules out the presence of third conflicting party.

Armenia, Azerbaijan UN Delegates Speak On Peoples’ Right To Self-Determination [Eng]
Armenia participated in the meetings and consultations that took place in the framework of the 65th session of the UN General Assembly with the “peoples’ right to self-determination” on the agenda, according to this article.

Armenia’s Permanent Representative to the UN Garen Nazarian said he found it ridiculous that Azerbaijan made a statement on this agenda item while making attempts to ignore the Karabakh people’s right to self-determination.

“The means of protecting human and fundamental rights have always been absent in Azerbaijan; they have been replaced by arbitrary and illegal acts. The international community witnessed that, as a result of continuing xenophobia and intolerance, massacres, murders, torture which shook the world with their ferocity and barbarity was carried out against Armenians in Azerbaijani cities.”

Former Yerevan Mayor Urges Entrepreneurs, Businesses To Move To Karabakh [Eng]

Former Yerevan mayor and police chief Suren Abrahamyan thinks that if Nagorno-Karabakh conflict gets resolved, it will be only through one way – when there will be people living, working there and when those people will feel powerful Armenia behind them.

“All major officials must go to Karabakh … Mika [owned by entrepreneur Mikhail Baghdasarov], Flesh [entrepreneur Barsegh Beglaryan and] … have to go there; the land will be kept by people there. There shouldn’t be a cemetery for Karabakhis in Yerevan,” he said.
“Our Last Hope Is Probably To Crate An International Armenian Lobbing Centre” [Arm]
This article draws attention to the resources Turkey and Azerbaijan have at their disposal to use for lobbying and draws parallels with what Armenians do in terms of lobbying. Further it concludes that Armenia’s last hope is probably to have an international Armenian lobbyist centre.

Is Artsakh Refusing European Journalists? [Arm]

According to this news item some European journalists applied for visas to visit Nagorno Karabakh during a recent meeting with Armenia’s Foreign Minister Edward Nalbandyan in Yerevan, but after long bureaucracy they were told that they should have applied for visa at least 10 days before.

“Is this the way they strive for international recognition?,” the source wonders.

Yerevan Serving To Baku [Arm]

Under current situation in Armenia-Azerbaijan relations Azerbaijani’s main ally, according to Senior Expert of the Armenian Centre for National and International Studies Manvel Sargsyan, is Armenia itself, as through its inaction to change the situation Armenia in fact acts in Azerbaijan’s interests.

“Armenia is afraid of changes in this situation. The Minsk Group mission has some vulnerable points for Armenia,” he said.

Karabakh Problem May One Day Make Armenia’s Authorities Resign: Suren Abrahamyan [Eng]

According to Republic Party Suren Abrahamyan the problems around the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict may one day create a force majeure situation that Armenia’s ruling authorities will have to resign.

After that, according to him, new authorities that will come to power in Armenia will be able to what he called “play time” so that to find some solutions to the Karabakh conflict.
Azerbaijan Repatriates Manvel Saribekyan’s Body And Receives Its Citizen In Return [Eng]
This news article informs that on November 4 Azerbaijan repatriated the body of Manvel Saribekyan, while the Armenian side returned Eldar Taghiyev, an Azerbaijani citizen who had illegally crossed the border into Armenia. Further it quotes Press Secretary of Armenia’s Defense Ministry Davit Karapetyan who hopes that Azerbaijan will in the future too be pursuant of the agreement the Armenian and Azerbaijani presidents reached in Astrakhan.
“Armenia’s Defense Ministry implements the agreement reached by RA president on October 27 in Astrakhan and has within that handed Azerbaijani citizen Eldar Taghiyev to the Republic of Azerbaijan. We expect the same resoluteness from the Republic of Azerbaijan,” said Mr Karapetyan.

It Should Be Taken Into Account That There Is A New Political Situation In US [Arm]
This article focuses on a statement by ARF (Dashanktsutyun) leader Giro Manoian who says that Armenia should from now on take into account that a new political situation has been created in US and that it may affect not only the Armenian Genocide issue, but also others such as the Karabakh conflict.
‘I mean not only the Genocide Resolution, but also other initiatives related to Artsakh or Armenia: a new opportunity will be created for all those issues, especially given that 90 per cent of those candidates backed by the Armenian Caucus of America have been elected,” said Mr Manoian.


Armenia Must Create Prerequisites For Karabakh’s International Recognition: L. Zurabyan [Eng]

According to this article, Armenia should take serious steps for Karabakh’s international recognition.

“Instead of taking surface steps – allegedly aimed at NK’s recognition, but which harm it [Karabakh’s recognition process] – it is necessary to do everything so that the NKR matures as an independent military-political entity, as an independent statehood, so that prerequisites are created also for [its] international recognition,” coordinator of opposition Armenian National Congress (HAK) Levon Zurabyan told a news conference in Yerevan.
“Coffins should be exchanged for coffins,” Says Politologist Manasyan [Eng]
The fact that Armenia exchanged an Azerbaijani citizen with the body of an Armenian may establish a bad precedent for future, and the Azerbaijani may get used to exchanging coffins with living people, according Armenian politologist Alexander Manasyan.
“Coffins should be exchanged with coffins,” he said, calling on the authorities not to trust Azerbaijan’s promises to follow the terms of the agreement.
New Political Situation In US May Create Favorable Conditions For Karabakh, Says Expert [Eng]
According to Head of Armenian Revolutionary Federation (Dashanktsutyun, ARF-D) Bureau’s Hay Dat and Political Affairs Office Giro Manoyan, the new political situation in US may create new favorable conditions for Nagorno Karabakh.

“It is not only about Genocide. Of course it is a priority, but there are other essential issues too, such as the support provided to Armenia and Nagorno Karabakh. I think the recent new political setting will provide new opportunities to work more efficiently. It refers to the support provided to Nagorno Karabakh,” said he.
Azerbaijani Film Festival In Yerevan Welcoming If… [Eng]
The screenings of Azerbaijani films in Armenia will be a measure to restore trust between the two societies, if similar events are organize in Azerbaijani too, according to Head of Armenian Revolutionary Federation (Dashanktsutyun, ARF-D) Bureau’s Hay Dat and Political Affairs Office Giro Manoyan.

“Generally, bilateral initiatives are always welcomed. If it is only one side that organizes, and as I see the event will take place only in Armenia, then in this case the balance is not observed,” said he.
Karabakh Issue Removed From NATO Agenda [Arm]
Citing Head of Armenian Delegation in NATO Parliamentary Assembly and Republican Party MP Karen Avagyan, this article informs that the Resolution on the Settlement of the Karabakh conflict has been removed from the agenda of NATO’s Parliamentary Assembly.11.05.2010


Azerbaijanis And Turks To Hamper Artsakh’s Participation In World Travel Market? [Eng]

This article tells that Azerbaijanis and Turks in Great Britain are taking joint efforts towards preventing Nagorno Karabakh’s participation in an upcoming World Travel Market (WTM) international exhibition set to start in London.

Further it says that Azerbaijanis have sent hundreds of letters to WTM representatives, claiming that Nagorno Karabakh was occupied by Armenian forces and remains under Armenia’s control to date.
Ibrahimov’s Body Will Be Rendered [Arm]
Citing an interview Mubaris Ibrahimov’s father Aghakerim Ibrahimov gave to Milli yol newspaper, the source unveils some details of what happened before the June 18 incident on Azerbaijani-Karabakhi border.

According to the source Mubaris Ibrahimov called his father in the evening on June 17 and told him not to worry about him. The next day Mr Aghakerim was contacted from the military unit where Mubaris served and was asked whether he returned home or not. After the call Mr Aghakerim went to that military unit where he was told that “Mubaris crossed the border into the other side; there is no news from him.”
Captive Was Tortured [Arm]
This article states a preliminary forensic examination of the body of Manvel Saribekyan has revealed that he was tortured during his captivity in Azerbaijan.

Further it mentions Armenia’s Prosecutor General’s Office has filed a criminal case based on
the Second Part of Article 104 (intentional murder with special cruelty) of Armenia’s Criminal Code.
Armenian President Speaks of Armenians’ Superiority, Baku Protests Interracial Nuances [Arm]
According to this article Azerbaijan’s Permanent Representation to the UN has sent a message to the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon in which it called unacceptable Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan’s remarks to Diasporan Armenian journalists in Goris on October 16, where Mr Sargsyan, reportedly spoke a about “the Armenian nation’s superiority over other nations, including Azerbaijanis, which the Armenian president ranked among Turkic nomadic tribes.”

“For thousands of years, the population in the region was homogenous; there lived only Armenians, which is confirmed even by 18th century official Turkish sources. Only in the second half of the 18th century did a small number of Turkish-Muslim nomadic tribes begin to settle here, whose number in the early twentieth century was barely five percent of the total population,” Serzh Sargsyan said in Goris.

Azerbaijani Depict Aliyev And His Wife As Donkeys [Arm]

According to this article a group of Azerbaijanis protested in front of Azerbaijan’s embassy in Hague on November 5 in support of jailed bloggers Adnan Hajizade and Emin Milli. They handed a letter to Azerbaijan’s ambassador to Netherlands and asked to release the bloggers.

The protesters had dressed as donkeys and each wore the name of top Azerbaijani official, including Ilham Aliyev and his wife. The protesters also issued a statement that read: “Due to this regime during the recent 20 years numerous journalists have been arrested, thousands of people have been killed and millions have left the country for their personal security.”

Under the auspices of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) the bodies of two Azerbaijani soldiers and the body of a resident of Madaghis village (Nagorno Karabakh) were swapped on Saturday, according to this article.
“Though the exchange of bodies is a sad event, but the relatives of the dead person get the opportunity to weep and bury their family member,” said Helen Plenevo, head of ICRC office in Barda, who took part in the exchange operation said.
Azerbaijani Film Festival in Yerevan Still On, Location Changed [Eng]
The Azerbaijani film festival will not be taking place at the Media Center of Yerevan’s Mkhitar Sebastatsy educational complex, according to Ashot Bleyan, who is the principal of that school.
Since the entire educational complex and the building owner, in accordance with Armenian law, belong to the Government of the Republic of Armenia, the government can thus allow or prohibit events to take place in the building.

“We are simply considered the user of public buildings; the owner is the Government of Armenia,” he said.
Azerbaijan Should Soften Its Stance In Future Meetings, Says Expert [Eng]
Azerbaijan should adopt a more conceding stance when it comes to meetings with Armenian officials aimed at the settlement of the Nagorno Karabakh conflict, given “today it is facing extremely serious problems with neighbors, according to Director of Armenian Noravank foundation Gagik Harutyunyan.

“Azerbaijan should try to adopt a more conceding stance towards Armenia in future meetings,” said Mr Harutyunyan.

Azerbaijanis May Be Against Resumption of War: Richard Giragosian (Eng)
According to Armenian analyst Richard Giragosian, Azerbaijanis may be opposed to the resumption of war over Nagorno Karabakh.
“The Azeris may be against the resumption of war or their sons being taken to the battlefield again. This is a factor demonstrating the weakness of Azerbaijan’s threats,” said the analyst.
Minsk Group De Facto Recognizes Nagorno Karabakh: Richard Giragosian (Eng)
The OSCE Mink Group has unofficially recognized the independence of Nagorno Karabakh, according to American-Armenian analyst and Head of the Armenian Centre for National and International Studies Richard Giragosian.
“Armenia’s recognition of Nagorno Karabakh should not be seen as a priority. The important thing is that Minsk Group has non-officially recognized the country,” said he, adding that only those anticipating a war in the region believe in the possibility of Karabakh’s return under Azerbaijani rule.
It’s Strange How Azerbaijan Looks Upon Peaceful Co-Existence: Seyran Ohanyan (Eng)
This article refers to a statement by Armenia’s Defense Ministry Seyran Ohanyan, who says that it’s strange how Azerbaijan looks upon peaceful co-existence with Armenia.
“They had better control the service on their frontline to prevent their immature diversionists from penetrating into our territory. They have certainly received a worthy response. But it’s strange how Azerbaijan looks upon the peaceful co-existence issue after declaring those people heroes,” he said, referring to Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev’s decree to recognize Azerbaijani officers killed at a front line incident as heroes.
One More Armenian Captive Proved To Be In Azerbaijan (Eng)
Spokeswoman for the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) Office in Baku Ilaha Huseynova, according to this article, told Azerbaijani news agency APA that representatives of the ICRC met with Armenian citizens detained in Azerbaijan. Among them is also an Armenian citizens considered lost long before.

The name of this Armenian citizen was not publicized. Nor was it reported when and how he crossed into the Azerbaijani side.

David Babayan: Preservation of Status Quo Is Favorable For All (Arm)
The preservation of the status quo is at the interests all – world and regional powers, as well as the conflicting parties, according to David Babayan, Speaker for Nagorno Karabakh’s President.

“The anti-Armenian and unconstructive policy pursued by Azerbaijan may in general terms put the [settlement] process at risk, and the process, the most important, the strategic aim that should be achieve, is that the status quo should be preserved. This is beneficial for all both the international powers, the regional ones, as well as for the conflicting parties, because there is no other variant,” he said.
Parliamentary Elections In Azerbaijan Will Not Have Significant Impact On Karabakh Talks (Arm)
The parliamentary elections in Azerbaijan will not have any significant impact on the peace talks over the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, according to the Director of the Caucasus Institute Alexander Iskandaryan.

“Judging by the statements about the Karabakh issue made in Azerbaijan during the election campaign, I don’t expect any significant change towards this issue or in the policy pursued towards Armenia,” he said.
Armenia Should Appeal To International Bodies Over Manvel Saribekyan’s Case: Larisa Alaverdyan (Eng)
According to Zharangutyun (Heritage) Party MP Larisa Alaverdyan Armenian authorities and NGOs should take the case of Manvel Saribekyan’s death to international human rights institutions such as Court of Human Rights and the UN Commission Against Torture not only to not only for adequate response, but also for implementing the principle of punishment and holding all those responsible for his death accountable.
The Issue Of War And Its Objective [Arm]
According to this article, the Armenian society is gradually getting overwhelmed with the idea that the country may due to the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict be involved in a new war with Azerbaijan, which can conditionally be called the “the second Karabakh war.”
If No Results From Meetings, Azerbaijan Will Withdraw From Negotiating Process: Hasanov (Eng)
According to Azerbaijani expert Ali Hasanov, Baku will refuse to participate in negotiations over Karabakh, if the meetings do not yield effective result.
“We hope that in the future the two states will continue efforts to bring the parties’ positions closer. Armenians, sooner or later, will take on a constructive position and the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict will be solved on the bases of international law and mutual concessions,” he said.

Recognition Of Karabakh’s Independence And Return Of Surrounding Territories: Here Is The Solution, Says Zatulin [Eng]
According to Russian MP Konstantin Zatulin, the final resolution of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict is possible only through return of the territories surrounding NK and through recognition of Karabakh’s independence.

“… The final settlement of the conflict is possible only through the recognition of Nagorno Karabakh and the return of the surrounding territories controlled by the NKR self-defense forces,” he told a press conference in Yerevan.

Armenian Army Will Have Advantages Should The War Resume: Nezavisimaya Gazeta [Eng]
This news item makes reference to an article published by Russian daily Nezavisimaya Gazeta (Independent newspaper) which quotes experts saying that the Armenian army will have advantages over Azerbaijani armed forces in case military actions resume over Nagorno Karabakh.

Threat Of War Looms Over Countries: Konstantin Zatulin [Eng]
The threat of the resumption of the war between Armenia and Azerbaijan looms over the two countries, according Russian MP Konstantin Zatulin, who also expressed concern over the recent tension in the line of contact between Azerbaijan and Karabakh.
“The threat of war looms over the countries at present,” said he.
New War Could ‘Explode’ The Region: Opinion On Armenia-Azerbaijan Conflict [Eng]
Making bellicose statements Baku and Yerevan generally not that far from reality, Russian daily Nezavisimaya Gazeta writes, citing an expert, according to whom, a new war could, as a result, explode the entire region.

“If it comes to armed conflict, a new war can explode the entire region,” the newspaper quotes an anonymous source as saying.

Kosovo Precedent Doesn’t Allow Talk Of Azerbaijan ‘Being Right’: Expert [Eng]
If it were not for Kosovo, which was recognized by the international community, then it would be possible to talk about Azerbaijan, which seeks to restore its territorial integrity, being right, according to Alexander Rahr, Director of Russian-Eurasian programs at the German Council on Foreign Relations.

“Personally, the only way out I see is granting Nagorno-Karabakh sovereignty, not now but in the future. Of course, if Azerbaijani refugees can return to their homes,” he said.


E. Nalbandyan Azerbaijan’s President Is Waving a Sword, Drumming About Azerbaijan’s Military Potential [Arm]
During a visit to India Armenia’s Foreign Minster Edward Nalbandyan expressed dissatisfaction over the fact that Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev glorified those officers “who killed five and wounded three Armenians during a diversion attack” as heroes.
“It is horrible that even delivering a speech in front of children during the opening ceremony of a school, Azerbaijan’s president is waving a sword, drumming about Azerbaijan’s military potential, bringing about territorial claims, insisting that Armenia and Yerevan are Azerbaijani soil and that the children should know about it,” said he.


Nalbandyan: The Wounds Of Previous War Hardly Cured Baku Prepares New Adventure [Arm]
Armenia’s Foreign Minister Edward Nalbandyan said in a visit to India, that the wounds of the previous war between Armenia and Azerbaijan hardly recovered now; Baku is preparing a new adventure.
“The wound of the war unleashed by Azerbaijan have hardly been recovered, while Baku is preparing a new adventure. And the oil revenues are being spent to feed new military sabotages,” said Mr Nalbandyan.

Draft Resolution Over Karabakh Has Been Removed From NATO PA Agenda [Arm]

According to this article, the draft resolution over the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict has by the agreement of Armenian and Azerbaijani parties been removed from the agenda of the 56th session of NATO’s Parliamentary Assembly.

“The removal of that draft resolution and the postponement of the discussion of the report was based on the proposals of all the parties,” head of Armenia’s delegation to NATO PA Karen Avagyan said.


Azerbaijan Is Against The Negotiation Format, Armenian Ambassador To OSCE Says [Eng]
Speaking about a recent report by OSCE Minsk Group Co-chairs Armenia’s Permanent Representative to OSCE, Ambassador Ashot Hovakimyan said Azerbaijan is against the existing negotiation format over Nagorno-Karabakh conflict.

“Azerbaijan’s permanent representative to OSCE announces in this hall that the principles have lost their significance and their discussion is a waste of time and energy. How can the Azerbaijani Ambassador consider the recommendation of his president unimportant?” Mr Hovakimyan said.
Azerbaijan Strengthens Atmosphere Of Distrust: Armenia’s Ambassador To OSCE [Arm]
According to this article, Armenia’s Permanent Representative to the OSCE, Ambassador Ashot Hovakimyan, said that Azerbaijan strengthens the atmosphere of distrust.

“Azerbaijan, however, used the first step of strengthening confidence for narrow propaganda purposes, which strengthens not confidence, but distrust. Also heightening the atmosphere are bellicose statements and threats by Azerbaijan’s high-ranking leadership, the aim of which is to fail negotiations,” said he.

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