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Digest of Azerbaijani Media for March 1-14



Adil Aliyev: “Sargysan will approve of return of occupied territories” [RUS]

While commenting on renewed meetings among the leaders of the two countries, Parliament member said the process might be seeing a breakthrough. However, noted parliamentarian this is going to be done with official Yerevan, finally realizing that something must be done if it wants to stay in power. And so, according to Aliyev, Armenian is going to try and convince the US through all unofficial channels that it is ready to accept any kind of circumstances, as long as they guarantee grip on power.


Bayran Safarov: “Nagorno Karabakh Armenians will support Azerbaijan” [RUS]

Bayram Safarov, director of an association “Azerbaijan community of the Nagorno Karabakh” believes, Karabakh Armenians will support Azerbaijan and in fact regret splitting from Azerbaijan in the early years of the conflict once there is a breakthrough in the resolution process of the conflict. Safarov claimed that official Yerevan is refusing in creating conditions for Karabakh Armenians to express themselves.



Presidents of Azerbaijan, Russia and Armenia signed a statement on the resolution of the Karabakh conflict [RUS]

During the meeting the leaders discussed the practical sides of the realization of the three party statement signed during previous meeting in Astrakhan. The leaders discussed immediate exchange of political prisoners too. The presidents noted importance of keeping the discussions within the framework of peaceful negotiations and importance of regular contacts among the leaders.



Azerbaijani administration commented on the recent meetings in Sochi [RUS]

Official Baku said the meetings in Sochi went well, and that certain progress was achieved as a result of the change in the Armenia’s position. Official Baku noted that the change could have been the result of Armenian authorities finally realizing that their current position will bear no fruits in this negotiation process. The article also noted that it is possible that recent change could also be the result of Russia’s active role in this process.


Commenting on further constructive steps taken at the negotiation table, Azerbaijan’s administration said, it will too depend on Armenia and the following steps it decides to take.


In response [, 09.03.2011, ENG], Armenian officials dismissed any of such ‘changes’. According to Armenian Deputy Foreign Minitster Shavarsh Kocharyan, Armenian doesn’t need to change its position, as it’s been constructive throughout the negotiation process. Kocharyan called on the Azerbaijani authorities “to change its ‘constructive’ position” instead.



Aydin Mirzazade: “Armenia will be forced to change its position with regard to the Karabakh conflict” [RUS]

Parliament member and deputy chair of the committee on security and defense, Mirzazade while commenting on the future negotiation process believes that the very forces supporting official Yerevan will be key in changing its position. Calling Armenia a “cork” in the negotiation process recognized internationally, parliament member concluded that it is Armenia that is responsible for failing to meet peace in this region.

Possibility of war in Karabakh not removed from agenda [ENG]

Russian military expert, Pavel Felgenhauzer, believes that the agreement signed in Sochi carries no value. According to the expert no improvements taken place in the negotiation process not to mention the possibility of war still being out there. Therefore, the expert calls on real steps taken otherwise, resumption of war is inevitable.



‘It is important that leaders of Armenia and Azerbaijan continue talking’ [ENG]

Dennis Summit, executive director at LINKS- UK-based NGO commented on the recent meeting of the presidents characterizing it as an important factor in keeping the two leaders talking. While welcome the agreement on the exchange of prisoners, Summit noted however that this and other similar promises, can and wont replace the actually peace treaty. Speaking with regard to Lithuanian Chairmanship of OSCE, Summit stated that change can happen, it Lithuania is ready to take some bold steps.



Political scientist Mubariz Ahmedoglu, talks about new way to approach the resolution of the Karabakh conflict [RUS]

Director of the center of innovation and technology, political scientist Mubariz Ahmedoglu believes that following meetings in Sochi, finally OSCE Minks Group co-chairs realized that the only obstacle to the resolution of the Karabakh conflict is Armenia itself. Ahmedoglu believes, that the document signed in Sochi is the follow up to the earlier signed Maendorf Process. During these discussions, Karabakh was excluded as a political side in the discussions on the resolution of the conflict and with Sochi, it will now be excluded as a military side too, said Ahmedoglu.


Azerbaijan’s Ministry of Security denied Armenian allegations of a murder [RUS]

The response came following accusations from Armenian side of Azerbaijani military forces killing an Armenian soldier during the violation of ceasefire on the front line. It is likely that the soldier lost his life during an internal Army incident concluded the Azerbaijani side.

Armenian leader sees ‘changes’ in Azerbaijani position [ENG]

Armenian President, Serj Sargysan was quoted saying following the meeting in Sochi of three leaders- Russia, Azerbaijan and Armenia – that he has sensed certain ‘changes’ in Azerbaijan’s approach to the conflict. The president noted of a possible rapprochement being reached with regard to the three basic principles for negotiations proposed by the OSCE.


Geydar Jamal: “its an attempt to provoke Azerbaijan on sudden and unplanned response” [RUS]

The newspaper interviewed Geydar Jamal, political scientist living in Moscow and who also represents Islamic Committee of Russia. In his interview much of the discussion centered on recent murder of a 9-year-old boy by Armenian forces. Jamal, while describing the incident as nothing extraordinary, given Armenians’ old habits of killing women and children said this could be seen as a an attempt of provoking Azerbaijan to take unexpected move. This would only play in the hands of the Armenian authorities says Jamal, as in this case, Azerbaijan would be portrayed as an aggressor.


Jamal however, noted that it is probably that the decision to shoot the kid wasn’t made on higher echelons but rather by a random army officer who is trained to do one thing only – provoke.


In his interview, political scientists while answering the question on the never- ending resolution of Karabakh conflict said the continuing situation was beneficial for the US, Russia and France and that resolving the conflict, would basically end their spheres of influence in this region.


Political scientist Rasim Agayev speaks about how the top of the Armenian ruling coalition will try to avoid revolution [RUS]

Agayev accused Armenia of missing political will to resolve Karabakh conflict while referring to statement made following the meetings in Sochi by the Armenian leadership. According to Agayev, Armenia is not ready for a resolution of the conflict, and even if it was, its so-called “strategic partners” won’t let it do anything. In addition, Agayev noted that internal situation in Armenia- dissatisfaction with the ruling regime, not to mention the country’s weakening economy – Sargysan will soon face serious opposition.


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