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Digest of Azerbaijani media for April 15- 30



Levon Ter- Petrosyan: “There was a possibility to resolve Karabakh problem by giving some territories to Azerabaijan” [RUS]

In his interview with BBC, Armenia’s first president Ter- Petrosyan spoke of the possibility to resolve conflict eleven years ago. The deal never went through and the question why it didn’t work, ex- president said there were other people on his team too who weren’t happy with the deal, who thought that it was possible to get more from Azerbaijan.


Russian political scientist commented on the possibility of an outbreak of war for Karabakh [RUS]

Maksim Minayev while responding to questions regarding current status of resolution process commented on the OSCE’s Minsk Group and its ability to affect the process. According to Minayev, in essence Minsk Group can only evaluate the process while main decision makers are Russia and the conflicting parties. Minayev believes that Moscow in fact will do everything in its power to prevent the war, since its going to be among those directly affected by the war.


Russian political scientist says war over Karabakh can start anytime now [RUS] interviewed Konstantin Simyonov, an economist and political scientist from Russia. According to Simyonov, OSCE’s Minsk Group role in the negotiation process is rather unproductive. In fact, Simyonov believes that some of the most recent statements made by the OSCE MG were simply to justify its existence and presence in the negotiation process. However, Russian expert does not dismiss US interests  all together given Azerbaijan’s energy related plans.


Russian expert spoke of the only possible solution to the Karabakh conflict [RUS]

In an interview with, Russian expert and renowned journalist Vitaliy Tretyakov said he was afraid that unless there is some serious pressure applied to either sides of the conflict, Karabakh conflict might remain in a state of frozen conflict for the next 10 to 15 years if not more. He also said to believe that as long as international institutions like the EU will keep Karabakh conflict on their radars, Azerbaijan wont be able to simply start a war.

Foreign Ministers of Azerbaijan, Armenia and Russia discussed the NK settlement in Moscow [ENG]

On Friday, Foreign Affairs Ministers of three countries met in Moscow, where they discussed NK conflict. The sides further discussed an agreement adopted during March 5th meeting in Sochi upon which conflicting parties agree to resolve all disputed issues by peaceful means and to investigate possible incidents along the ceasefire line.

Russian State Duma member: Russia wants peace in South Caucasus [ENG]

Sergey Markov, member of the Russian State Duma said that Russia’s active involvement in NK negotiation process is because of its close neighboring relations with the conflicting sides. Makrov noted Russia’s interest in peaceful resolution of the conflict as well as trust Armenia and Azerbaijan vest in Russia.


Ilgar Velizade: “Armeian side is not up for any real agreement” [RUS]

Political scientist, Ilgar Velizade, believes that if negotiations continue with their current intensity, then perhaps towards mid summer there could be some breakthrough.  And yet, nothing more should be expected says Velizade. Political scientist mentioned recent statements made on behalf of official Yerevan and an attempt to open an airport in Karabakh as obstacles to further progress.



Russian political scientist: “Azerbaijan’s might lose its temper in near future” [RUS] interviewed Russian political scientist Mikhail Delagin on his opinion on the future of Karabakh. According to Delagin, right now, there is no mechanism that suits both of the countries. In addition, attention of France and US, other two Minsk Group Co-chairs has been diverted towards the Middle East, thus, little attention is given to Karabakh conflict. Political scientist believes that Russia is trying in one way or another resolve the conflict especially because there is potentially a threat to the country itself given large Azerbaijani and Armenian population living in Russia. Delagin believes that if tomorrow, war in Karabakh re-ignites, that might echo in Russia too among, which is something Russia doesn’t really want.

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