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Digest of Azerbaijani Media for April 15- 30



Nagorno- Karabakh conflict must be resolved through peaceful means- former president of Latvia [RUS]

Member of the European Parliament and the former President of Latvia, Vitautas Landsbergis considers resolution of Karabakh conflict possible only by peaceful means. The former president reiterated his position in Azerbaijan. Landsbergis also noted of Azerbaijan’s rights in referring to the Council of Europe with a request for cooperation in resolving the conflict.


‘Neither US, EU nor Russia seem to be keen to resolve Karabakh conflict’ [ENG]

Azerbaijani parliament member Gudar Hasanguliyev spoke of the inability of the OSCE Minsk Group to resolve Karabakh conflict. He associated this with the position of the world powers not interested in the just settlement. Hasanguliyev further noted that the expectation on the international level is for Azerbaijan to reconcile with the loss while preventing its government from going into a way with Armenia.


Expert opinion: “West is on Azerbaijan’s side when it comes to Karabakh question” [RUS]

Director of the center “Russia Eurasia” of the council on external politics of Germany Alexander Ror considers west on Azerbaijan’s side. This is more evident in recent resolution adopted by the European Parliament and the importance it gives to territorial integrity of Azerbaijan (the resolution calls [19.04.2012, RUS] to respect the territorial integrity as well as states the following condition- for any accession talk to begin occupied territories of Azerbaijan must be liberated and returned to Azerbaijan) believes Ror. This resolution according to Ror only reiterates the principles of the Council of Europe that integration with any new country is possible only if the candidate country resolves all its territorial issues.


Intention to establish a new village in occupied Khojavand is “provocation by Yerevan” [ENG]

Spokesman for the Azerbaijani Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Elman Abdullayev said Armenia’s approach to resolve the Karabakh conflict is not serious. This statement came as a result of recent announcement made by the Karabak leadership on establishing a new village on Armenian occupied Azerbaijani territory. This can only mean that official Armenia is unwilling to reach any kind of settlement commented Abdullayev.


David Lidington: “A solution for Nagorno- Karabakh problem must be found” [RUS]

Lidington, active chairman of the Council of Europe’s committee of ministers expressed his opinion on the urgent need in finding a solution to the existing Karabakh problem. He reminded the audience of initial agreement made between the two sides following their membership initiation to the Council of Europe- the only way to resolve the conflict is to be reached through peaceful means only. Lidington also noted of the role Ministers Committee of the Council of Europe can also play in having a maximum influence on the resolution process.

Similarly that day, Lidington responded [RUS] to a question by Azerbaijani parliament member and PACE delegation member Ganira Pashayeva who raised the issue of occupied territories and inability of its original residents to return for the last 20 years. In his response, Lidington urged the country to find fast ways to resolution of the conflict, as this would sole many problems of refugees and IDPs. Hu further called on the two sides to stay away from edgy statements and instead increase individual attempts in finding a common solution to the Karabakh conflict.

Azerbaijan’s Presidential Administration warned OSCE Minsk Group [RUS]

“Either Minsk Group resolves Nagorno- Karabakh problem by peaceful means, or Azerbaijan will free its territories by military means” said in an interview with Turkish newspaper “Cumhuriyet” the head of the socio- political department of the Presidential Administration Ali Hasanov. Hasanov raised his concern over the recognition of Armenian Genocide vs. what Armenians committed in Khojaly referring to the incident as Khojaly Genocide and the overall neglect to this particular Azerbaijani tragedy.

Ter Petrosyan calls for immediate changes of Madrid Principles [AZ]

In a rally organized last week in Armenia, the country’s former president spoke of the urgency to change Madrid Principles as its current format is unacceptable for present day talks. Petrosyan said that notions of territorial integrity and right to self determination that make up an important segment of the principles are two values that cannot exist together and especially in the case of Karabakh. He also noted that this is a trick to return Karabakh to Azerbaijan under the status of autonomous republic.


As before, there is no logic in Armenia’s position- Mnistry of Foreign Affairs of Azerbaijan [RUS]

Elman Abdullayev, Azerbaijan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs representative while commenting on a statement made in an interview of Kocharyan, told Trend that it is the inability of Armenia’s diplomats to find valid arguments that is now replaced by hysterical argumentation on behalf of Armenian diplomatic corps. Representative from Azerbaijan explained this inability of Armenian side in coming up with logical statements all along the negotiation process.

‘Azerbaijan must over and over again invite Karabakh Armenians to Baku’ [ENG]

This quote is taken from an interview with political scientist Zardush Alizade who speaks on the relationship between Armenia and Azerbaijan, recent movie screenings organized by Georgi Vanyan in Armenia and possible cooperation between Karabakh Armenians, civil societies and the two communities overall. In his interview Alizade touches upon the importance initiatives as that of Vanyan carry in situations like this. He mentions the role communities can play in reconciliation as well.


OSCE to hold monitoring on the line of contact between Armenian and Azerbaijani military troops [RUS]

Explanation for the visit and monitoring are the result of the recently tense situation on the line between the two sides. Several times, the ceasefire regime was broken (the article reports on shootings held on that same day and days prior). In an article published on April 27 [RUS], the OSCE Minks Group co- chairs expressed their concerns with the recent news on ceasefire violations. In a statement made by the Co-chairs, the mediators agreed that such meaningless acts destroy the responsibility the two sides expressed on January 23, 2012, in refraining from using force and moving towards peaceful reconciliation.

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