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Digest of Azerbaijani Media for April 1-14



Azerbaijani FM, OSCE MG co-chairs to discuss Nagorno-Karabakh conflict in London [AZE]

The article says that Azerbaijani Foreign Minister Elmar Mammadyarov is going to meet with OSCE co-chairs. Recalling an elections year in the OSCE Minsk Group co-chair countries and the conflict parties, Mammadyarov said that the negotiation process is necessary to continue adding that there few issues that they cannot be ignored. He also mentioned Azerbaijani position in the settlement of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict saying that Azerbaijan require a great peace agreement.


Nineteen years pass since Kalbajar occupation [ENG]

This article writes that launching a large-scale military operation on March 27 in 1993, the Armenian armed forces occupied the Kalbajar region on April 2. It continues saying that as a result 511 people died, and 321 were missing or have been captured.


Azerbaijani FM: It’s time for breakthrough in Nagorno-Karabakh conflict [ENG]

Azerbaijani Foreign Minister Elmar Mammadyarov in his speech delivered during the meeting of the Committee on Political Affairs, Human Rights and Democracy of the Euronest Parliamentary Assembly held in Baku that it is time for a breakthrough in the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict and the fact of the occupation of Azerbaijani lands by Armenians should be recognized at international level. He also said that the parties should strengthen their willingness to settle the conflict.


Armenian MP: Nagorno-Karabakh conflict resolution will take a few weeks in case of compromise between parties [AZE]

According to the article, Armenian MP Vahan Hovhannisyan said that the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict could be settled in a few weeks if there is a compromise between the parties. Reminding the possibility of the solution of the conflict the Armenian MP emphasized that the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict cannot be stay with status quo forever.


Russia is not indifferent about relations with its partners [AZE]

The article says that Russia is not indifferent about relations with its partners. Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said that OSCE co chairs are performing their duties honestly in adherance with the Helsinki Act.


EU Commissioner: Resolution to Nagorno-Karabakh conflict is in building trust [ENG]

According to the article, the only way to solve the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict may be down to building of trust and mutual understanding between the parties. EU Commissioner for Enlargement and European Neighbourhood Policy Stefan Fule said at a joint press conference with the Foreign Minister of Azerbaijan Elmar Mammadyarov that no one forgets the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict adding that EU is ready to make its effort to resolve the conflict.


Russian FM: Moscow ready to further assist in negotiations over Nagorno-Karabakh conflict resolution [ENG]

The article says that Azerbaijan and Russia seek to find solutions to many problems and have repeatedly proved the proximity of positions not only in bilateral format, but also in the international arena. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said at a news conference in Baku his visit to Azerbaijani capital Baku will a good opportunity to assess the practical development of cooperation.


EU asked to take initiative in resolving conflicts in South Caucasus [AZE]

The EU should take the initiative to resolve the South Caucasus conflicts, Azerbaijani MP Faraj Guliyev said at the last plenary meeting of the regular session of the Euronest PA, held in Baku. He said that the OSCE Minsk Group is engaged with the resolution of the Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict over Nagorno-Karabakh however he added that EU organizes a forum to resolve the conflict in comparison with the OSCE Minsk Group.


OSCE conducts 23 monitoring activities on contact line between Armenian, Azerbaijani armies in 2011 [AZE]

Last year, OSCE Chairman-in-Office Personal Representative, Ambassador Andrzej Kasprzyk and his team conducted 23 monitoring activities on ceasefire observance on the contact line between Armenian and Azerbaijani troops, the OSCE annual report says. According to the report, Kasprzyk continued to assist and support the OSCE Minsk Group co-chairs in their efforts to resolve the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict.


In the next report of Euronest the Karabakh conflict will be on the agenda [AZE]

The article says that in the latest report of the Committee of Political Affairs of the Euronest PA the issues related to regional security will be addressed. The co-chair of the Parliamentary Assembly, Kristian Vigenin, said at a press conference following the Baku session that the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict will be considered as well. She added that Azerbaijan and Armenia should help the Minsk Group to resolve the conflict.


Armenian MPs ready for meeting with Nagorno-Karabakh communities [AZE]

The article says that Armenian MPs, attending Euronest PA session in Baku, declared their readiness to meet Nagorno-Karabakh Azerbaijani and Armenian communities. Azerbaijani MP Rovshan Rzayev said that holding the meeting is important and they are trying to keep this issue on the agenda.


Baku calls on Yerevan to put up with Azerbaijan’s UNSC membership [AZE]

Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry spokesman Elman Abdullayev told Trend that it is time for the Armenian leadership to put up with the nonpermanent membership of Azerbaijan in the UN Security Council and to learn constructivism and pragmatism. Foreign Minister of Armenia Edward Nalbandian said on Thursday at a joint press conference with his Lithuanian counterpart Audronius Azubalis that Azerbaijan discredits the UN Security Council and constantly increases armaments.


US former ambassador to Azerbaijan hopes for breakthrough in Nagorno-Karabakh negotiations [AZE]

The article says that the former US ambassador to Azerbaijan, Matthew Bryza hopes for speedy breakthrough in Nagorno-Karabakh negotiations. Bryza who also served as a co-chair at The OSCE Minsk Group said reporters at an event marking the 20th anniversary of establishment of Azerbaijani-US diplomatic relations that he thinks that there will be breakthrough when the two presidents of Azerbaijan and Armenia feel they can trust each one sufficiently. “I hope this will be soon but that’s up to the presidents of course and it’s up to the society. The societies as well need to understand they have to live together,” he said.


Lavrov: Russia’s position on Nagorno-Karabakh conflict remains unchanged [AZE]

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said that Russia’s position on the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict remains unchanged. “I want to clearly and unequivocally confirm that no any change in our position on assisting in the settlement of the Nagorno-Karabakh has happened. Our position is based on the fundamental approaches worked out by the co-chairs,” said Lavrov.


Baku doesn’t support Azerbaijani film festival in Armenia [ENG]

The article says that Azerbaijan’s Ministry of Culture and Tourism does not support a festival of Azerbaijani films, planned for the Armenian city of Gyumri.

“I don’t understand how the Armenians are going to get those films. They are all stored in our State Film Foundation and no film can ever be taken without state consent,” the head of the ministry’s cinema section, Yusif Sheikhov, said. He said that due to Armenia’s policy of occupation, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Azerbaijan does not take part in joint actions with this country and is not going to do so in future.


‘Strategic confusion’ in US policy on South Caucasus [ENG]

News.Az interviews Glen E. Howard, president of the Jamestown Foundation. Answering a question on the settlement of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, Howard said, ”Russia has been given the primary position of being the country that arms Armenia but at the same time is the key negotiator with Azerbaijan. That doesn’t make sense,” adding that Foundation’s role is to keep reminding the West and policy makers that a balance is needed in the negotiating process. “Strong role for US leadership, that you just don’t give it to Russia and let Russia try to resolve the problem,” he said.


Red Cross employees visit Azerbaijani POW [AZE]

The article says that employees of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) visited Azerbaijani POW kept in Yerevan on April 2. The ICRC representatives delivered a ‘Red Cross’ letter to the POW and received a ‘Red Cross’ letter from him.


Azerbaijani Parliament discusses adopting law on Karabakh [AZE]

The article says that an issue of adopting a separate law on Karabakh has been again submitted to the Azerbaijani parliament’s discussion. In the article Azerbaijani MP Zahid Orujov says that if Azerbaijan has a single law on occupied territories, Armenian separatists in Nagorno-Karabakh won’t be able to participate in any economic programs.


OSCE to monitor contact line between Armenian, Azerbaijani armies [AZE]

Monitoring will be held on the contact line between Armenian and Azerbaijani armed forces in near the Yusifjanli village in the Azerbaijani Agdam region on April 12, the Azerbaijani Defense Ministry told Trend.


Armenian-made mine revealed in Azerbaijani region [AZE]

The PMN-E antipersonnel mine made in Armenia has been revealed in the Aghdam region, the National Agency for Mine Actions Azerbaijan (ANAMA) told Trend today. According to the information, Chief of Civil Defense Department of the Aghdam Executive Power Mansur Guliyev told ANAMA about the mine.


Azerbaijani soldier injured by Armenian Armed Forces [AZE]

Following the violation of the ceasefire on the borderline by Armenian Armed Forces, Azerbaijani soldier named Ayxan Mustafayev became injured. He was taken to the hospital directly after the incident happened.


OSCE monitoring on contact line between Armenian and Azerbaijani armies reveals no incident [AZE]

No incident occurred during monitoring held on the contact line between Armenian and Azerbaijani armed forces in near the Yusifjanli village in the Azerbaijani Agdam region on April 12, the Azerbaijani Defense Ministry spokesmen Eldar Sabiroglu told Trend.


Ban of Azerbaijani film festival in Armenia is demonstration of Armenian culture [ENG]

Chairman of Public Union “Azerbaijani Community of Nagorno Karabakh” Bayram Safarov said while commenting on the ban of Azerbaijani film festival in Gyumri that ban of Azerbaijani film festival in Armenia is the demonstration of Armenian culture. Mentioning that there is an Armenian library, Armenian church in Azerbaijan, Armenians are living in the country, Bayram Safarov said Azerbaijan is a democratic and a civil state.


Armenian community of Nagorno-Karabakh avoids dialogue [AZE]

The article says that the Head of the Shusha executive power and Azerbaijani Community of Nagorno-Karabakh Bayram Safarov told reporters on Friday that an action plan that will take place throughout Azerbaijan in connection with the 20th anniversary of Shusha’s occupation by Armenians, is under preparation. He also said that the Azerbaijani community has always stood for a dialogue. But the Armenians avoid these meetings.


European parliament: Association agreements must help resolve Nagorno-Karabakh conflict [AZE]

According to the article, the EU Association Agreements with Azerbaijan and Armenia must help resolve the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict by peaceful means, two draft resolutions of the European Parliament, to be placed for voting on April 18, say. The resolution stressed that the unresolved conflict prevents the full realization of the European Neighbourhood Policy.


Ambassador: Azerbaijan has right to raise Nagorno-Karabakh issue at UNSC [AZE]

The article says that the UN Resident Coordinator in Azerbaijan, Ambassador Fikret Akcura believes that Azerbaijan as a member of the UN Security Council has the right to raise the Nagorno-Karabakh issues at the organization at any time. It will depend on the initiative of Azerbaijan, Akcura told journalists on Saturday.


International Young Democrat Union Board Meeting adopts resolution on Karabakh [ENG]

According to this article, a resolution titled “Nagorno Karabakh: 20 Years is too long” was adopted at the International Young Democrat Union Board Meeting in Beirut on April 13, 2012. According to the European Azerbaijan Society that the resolution describes the chronology of the Nagorno Karabakh conflict and put forward proposals for its solution.

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