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Digest of Azerbaijan media for July 1- 14



Israel expert: “Sooner or later war for Karabakh will become inevitable” [RUS] interviewed an Israeli historian and political scientist David Eidelman who sees no hope for the Karabakh resolution process. Eidelman believes there is a need for new sponsors (changing from US, France and Russia, where Armenian lobby is very strong). It is for this and many other reasons, Israeli historian considers outbreak of war as an inevitable outcome.


Nagorno- Karabakh conflict must be solved by diplomatic means- special representative from NATO [RUS]

While NATO might not play a role in the resolution of the Karabakh conflict, one thing is certain, there cannot be any military solution to the conflict. The only way to resolve this conflict is by diplomatic mean.s


Mubariz Ahmedoglu: “Meeting in Kazan proved once more, political methods in conflict resolution are ineffective” [RUS]

According to Ahmedoglu, political resources in resolving the conflict are exhausted and the meeting in Kazan is the mere proof of this. The only hope now is in military resources and Azerbaijan has all the necessary resources to resolve the conflict by military means. Ahmedoglu accused Armenia for the failure in not reaching a finaly agreement in signing a document in Kazan. And even if Armenia would sign some kind of a document eventually, its constitutional court might in fact annul it and declare it illegal.


European Union: “Nagorno Karabakh- Azerbaijan’s territory” [RUS]

Jerom Ponz, European Union’s temporary representative in Azerbaijan stated that European Union sees Nagorno Karabakh as a territory that belongs to Azerbaijan and not just some other territory. This was discussed during a meeting in Strasbourg on Nagorno Karabakh at the plenary session of the European Parliament. Ponz added that the European Union is interested in resolution of prolonged conflicts.

Russian political scientist: “Possibility of war for Karabakh is growing”- Interview [RUS] interviewed Russian political scientist Konstantin Simonov who considers recent talks in Kazan unlike Russian government a result of already unsuccessful negotiations. According to the political scientist it was already obvious from the very beginning that nothing wont be reached in Kazan. Simonov added that even if some kind of document was signed anyway, there would have been no chances to actually realize it. And as a result of this, Simonov considers possibility of war outbreak high.

Yerevan interested in the resolution of the Nagorno Karabakh conflict- President [RUS]

During his meeting with Russia’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Lavrov, Armenia’s President spoke of the positive intentions of Armenia in resolving Karabakh conflict peacefully. “We want, this problem solved and solved in such a way that there is finally peace and stability in the region” said the President of Armenia in his statement.


Azerbaijan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs called Sargisyan’s recent statements as absurd [RUS]

Press- Secretary of the Azerbaijan Foreign Ministry Elkhan Polukhov called Sargisyan’s recent statement on the status of Karabakh as absurd. Sargisyan believes Karabakh will be given intermediate status, which will be recognized internationally and this is simply absurd said Polukhov in a statement to press. The spokesman clarified Azerbaijan’s position with this regard, noting that even if Karabakh will be given a status it will only happen within the Azerbaijani territorial borders.

Ali Hasanov accused Armenian authorities of facetiousness and empty words [RUS[

Ali Hasanov, who heads the socio- political department at the Presidential Administration spoke on Armenia’s approach to the conflict resolution. According to Hasanov, more pressure must be applied on Armenia. He also noted the possibility of a positive outcome for the current negotiations especially given current meetings and discussions. Hasanov while noting Armenia’s unserious approach to the current state of negotiations said such approach not only harms Azerbaijan and its population living on the occupied territories but also imprisons the Armenian population too. According to the head of the department, Armenian population lives as a prisoner of military regime for years now.


Bahar Muradova: “International community acknowledges importance of changing the status- quo of Karabakh conflict” [RUS]

Vice speaker of the Azerbaijani Parliament Bahar Muradova talked about recent discussions in Belgrade during the OSCE Parliament Assembly meeting. According to Muradova, the international community acknowledges importance of finding quick solution to the currently Karabakh conflict and changing the status quo. Vice speaker also noted the support of the National Parliament of Azerbaijan to this statement as well as its relations with the international countries and the Parliament Assembly.

UK’s Prime Minister on ways to resolve the Karabakh conflict [RUS]

David Lidington, UK’s Prime Minister on European questions called the military solution to the Karabakh conflict as unacceptable. He also noted the importance of building trust between the two countries.

Azerbaijan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs: “Armenia is avoiding concrete response by indulging itself in empty demagogy” [RUS]

Elkhan Polukhov, official representative of the Azerbaijani Ministry of Foreign Affairs dismissed recent statement made by the Foreign Ministry of Armenia on the status of Karabakh as a colony. This was brought up as a result of talks in Armenia on United Nations resolution on colonies. Polukhov reminded that Karabakh was never a colony and such statements only represent Armenia’s unserious appraoch at the negotiation table.

13-year-old Azerbaijani national died as a result of a toy bomb placed by the Armenians into a river [RUS]

In one of the bordering regions at the front line, a young girl (1998) died as a result of a bomb, her mother received heavy injuries. The toy in the shape of a dog was placed into a river Tovuz running through the village of Alibeyli.

‘Azerbaijan should force Armenia not even to think about Karabakh’ [ENG]

Co- Chair of the Social Democratic Party of Azerbaijan (SDPA) Araz Alizade was quoted saying “Armenia represents nothing in itself. This country is too weak to fight with Azerbaijan”. The remarks came following statements made by the Armenian President Serj Sargisyan that in the case of war between the two states, Armenia would most certainly win. The party leader went on to stress the strength of the Azerbaijani military power and Azerbaijan’s willingness to do everything at its power to “destroy the backbone of the Armenian occupation forces in the Nagorno- Karabakh”.

Armenian leadership not interested in peaceful resolution of Karabakh conflict [ENG]

Elnur Aslanov, the head of the political analysis and information department at the Azerbaijani Presidential Administration considers it to be the time to change the status quo of the Karabakh conflict. This came as a response to the recent statements made by the Armenian side on Azerbaijan’s absence of commitment to the resolution of the conflict. Aslanov noted that such statements only portray Armenia as the uninterested side, lacking constructive approach at the negotiation table.

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